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Launching It’s Fresh and managing the company’s UK press office

Strategy, Films, Social Media, Media Relations, Corporate Profile Raising, Content Generation, Crisis Comms

It’s Fresh! is a pioneering food technology business. Its core product is a small filter no bigger than a postage stamp which sits inside packs of fresh produce and absorbs the ripening hormone, Ethylene, prolonging the life of the fruit by 4-5 days. We’ve worked alongside the business for over three years, building its profile within the produce industry and raising awareness amongst consumers in the context of key issues including sustainability and reducing waste.


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“London Media has worked closely with us for the last three years, helping us to launch products and raise both corporate and consumer awareness. The team recently advised on communications during a substantial investment into the business. As well as understanding the corporate world London Media have shown genuine flare for developing content by creating a unique online interactive tool enabling consumers to calculate the carbon footprint of the produce they buy. The project really helped engagement with our brand on social and across mainstream media.”

Simon Lee, Founder Director, It’s Fresh!